Even the most conscientious of writers find it difficult to edit and proofread their own work. Perhaps your workload doesn’t allow you to proofread client proposals as thoroughly as you would like. Maybe you’ve been staring at your blog post for too long and need a fresh, objective perspective. I'm happy to help.

You may need someone in your corner as you revise your novel or online course, someone who will believe in it just as much as—and, on tough days, maybe even more than—you do.

This is actually my very favorite part of editing.

I love getting to know an author in order to help his or her message clearly come through. It would be my privilege to help you meaningfully connect with your readers.

Client Testimonials

"Amanda Andrus was fabulous to work with! She's excellent at developmental editing, line by line editing, and catching the odd misspelling or punctuation problem. I really appreciated how invested she was in my project, encouraging me on the days when I hated my work and could barely stand to look at it. I have yet to find another editor as easy to work with. She's worth every penny!!"

Elizabeth Frerichs, author of Tales from a Spacious Place


"Amanda could not have made the difficult process of creating my résumé any easier.  I was struggling for months with how to properly highlight the last 15 years of my career when I hired her. She researched my industry, helped to extract all the relevant information, and worked around my busy schedule to create a document that I believe represents me very well.  I could not have done this without her."

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"Amanda served as both a copyeditor and proofreader for my Doctor of Nursing Practice final project paper (equivalent to a dissertation level paper). She helped the paper maintain its focus and suggested phrasing that helped me clearly and concisely demonstrate the impact of my project. Amanda’s work with me was positive, honest, timely, and valuable. I received high marks on my final submission, receiving scores from my committee of “exceeds expectations” in many areas. In addition, Amanda acted as content editor and surrogate audience member for the oral defense/presentation of my project. She assisted me in paring down my presentation to the required time limit. I highly recommend Amanda as a skillful editor and proofreader. She demonstrated a personal commitment to my project and worked with me to find my definition of success. Thanks, Amanda!"

Jennie Noren, DNP, MS, RN

A Quick Reassurance

I know you’ve put a lot of work into the words you want to share with your readers. Receiving an editor’s input can be difficult, but it’s a crucial step toward great writing. Please know that my goal is never to tear you down. Instead, I want to kindly help make your work the very best it can be. I will work with you to stay true to your own voice while making sure that your message is clear.


I offer several different levels of editing services.

  • Line editing: This is a great choice for writers who would like an in-depth evaluation of their content. This level of service includes a longer initial consultation to discuss your project. In addition to the elements of basic copyediting (see below), line editing may involve suggestions for omitting, adding, or reworking passages.

  • Copyediting: This is a good fit for writers who feel confident about their project’s structure and substance but need a second set of eyes to check for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I will also ensure that your writing and formatting consistently follow your chosen style guide, when applicable. I may offer suggestions for minor adjustments to wording and sentence structure.

  • Proofreading: Because it is generally the final step before publication, proofreading does not involve making changes to a document’s content or wording. I will simply look for and eliminate errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting.

  • Résumé help: Whether you need a quick proofread, a full update and rewrite, or something in between, I'll work with you to ensure your résumé is ready for your next career move.

If you’re not sure what type of editing you need, please contact me. We can sort it out together!


Every piece of writing is different. This makes it virtually impossible to offer accurate editing rates without first knowing something about the nature and scope of the project. My hourly rates tend to fall on the lower end of the range of industry standards. A conversation about your project is always the best place for us to start. There is no charge for this conversation, and neither of us will be under any obligation until you sign and return the contract and pay a deposit.

Rates for larger projects are always based on an agreed-upon estimate. If I discover an unexpected hurdle that seems likely to increase your expense beyond the estimated range, I will notify you right away so you can decide how you would like to proceed.

For shorter copyediting or proofreading projects, such as blog posts, marketing emails, and résumés,* I may be able to offer a fixed price after reviewing your entire document.

Contract Process

If you and I would both like to move forward after our free, initial conversation, I will take the following steps.

  • Request and review a writing sample: I will ask you to send me a few pages of your document or manuscript. Then I will edit or proofread those pages based on the level of service that we discussed in our initial conversation. I edit or proofread using Microsoft Word's track changes feature.

  • Return sample and provide an estimate: When I send you the edited or proofread sample, I will give you an estimate of what it will cost for me to complete your project. This will also allow you to see an example of my work and to decide whether or not my services will be a good fit for you.

  • Negotiate contract: If you are happy with the sample edits and estimate, I will present you with a contract. Again,  neither of us will be under any obligation until you sign and return the contract and pay a deposit.

  • Receive signed contract and deposit: Once I have these items, I will begin editing!

Invoicing & Payment

As mentioned above, I require a deposit at the beginning of each project. Depending on the size and scope of your project, I will email and invoice to you upon completion of the project. I accept payment via Wave or PayPal.

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