Hello! I'm Amanda.


I’m a wife, a mom, and a freelance copyeditor. I’m also an introvert who deeply values connection.

I’ve always enjoyed the process of revising, and it’s satisfying to continue to learn and sharpen my skills. But it’s the connection piece that keeps drawing me back to editing. It’s immensely rewarding to be part of a writer’s creative team and to help his or her message connect with readers.

As much as I value relationships, life as an introverted, work-at-home mom can turn me into a recluse if I’m not careful.

Lately I’ve been on a journey of choosing to more intentionally connect: to Jesus, to others, and back to myself. I hope to write about that ongoing process

I’d love for you to join me!

For the super curious

I tend be indecisive about silly things, like all-time favorites and what to say while trying to introduce myself.

I was born in Vermont, grew up in Oklahoma, graduated from college in Georgia, met my husband in Texas, and now live in St. Louis, Missouri, just blocks from the Arch. Each of those places does, and doesn't quite, feel like home in its own special way.

I’m a mom of two young boys. Motherhood has filled my heart with more love and joy than I ever imagined. It has also made me forget my coffee in the microwave—sometimes even overnight—more times than I can count.

I didn’t read The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings until I was in college. I bought a trade paperback copy of The Fellowship of the Ring in London Heathrow Airport while on my way to Ireland in 2003. I wanted to buy the rest of the set after I returned home. Alas, that edition was only available in the UK. But! I spent six weeks in Spain in 2005, and, thanks to another layover in London, I was able to complete my set on the way home. I’m still unreasonably delighted with the way that worked out.

Other facts about me, in no particular order:

  • Part of my soul comes back to life each spring.
  • I dreaded autumn each year, until I married my fall-obsessed husband. He converted me.
  • I’m a sucker for quirky comedies.
  • Related: I’m always in the mood to watch “The Princess Bride” or “Raising Arizona.”
  • Also related: Parks and Recreation is my very favorite sit-com—this from a girl who has a hard time choosing all-time favorites.
  • My favorite high school subjects were English and art.
  • In college, my favorite classes were sociolinguistics and outdoor wilderness camping.
  • I’ve always loved a good story—don’t we all?
  • I’m a 9 on the Enneagram, but I’ve not plumbed the depths of what that means.
  • I <3 baked goods.